On a recumbent through England and Scotland

Land of rain and midges

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Afraid for bad wetter and midges I have never visited the British continent for a cycling tour before.August 1998 I tried it for the first time and I don't regret it. The weather was not perfect, but with only three really raining days it was bearable. This was also the first time I used my recumbent for a two weeks cycling holiday. Although the weather was not very good, the scenery was marvellous and really impressive. The bike took a lot of attention of especially the children in the cities. I started in New Castle and rode along the Hadrians wall to Brampton. After Brampton I cycled up to the north through the southern uplands to Peebles. After Peebles I tried to avoid Glasgow and went up to Glen Coe. Although the traffic was busy, this part of the trip was really great.

The dark clouds made the moors look more impressive. The high mountains of Glen Coe stood there waiting as guards. After a short descent to the sea coast the weather changed suddenly. Bright skies and a pleasant temperature made cycling enjoyable.
Riding along the coast to Oban and Dunoon the weather stayed perfect. With the ferry to Gourock I leaved the high mountains of Scotland.
The next day was extremely wet. A good day to cycle without stops! The madame at the camping in Sanguhar was suprised that I wanted to camp in this wheater. The hot shower did a good job. I cycled through Carlise to the Lake District and camped in Bothel. The next day in Lake District was again wet so all planned big passes were canceled. A visit to Castlerigg, the stone circle nearby Keswick and a look around in the villages filled the day. The B&B in Windemere was really good after such a poor day.

The Lake District area was good enough to stay for another day, especially as the weather is good. The climb at the end of the Langdale valley was a bit too much. It is difficult to keep your balance in a climb of more than 20% on a recumbent. I lost my control, rode backwards and fell of my bike. The climb of the Kirkstone Pass from Ambleside was also difficult. It took a lot of effort to reach the top. After some more climbs and a long day cycling I finally camped in Sedbergh.

Next day I cycled through the Yorkshire Dales via a killer of a climb at Hawes to York. The last day was an easy ride to Hull.


1998 Luddo Oh