Most beautiful climbs in Europe

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Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Hello mountain goats! 

My favorite hobby is cycling in nice places with nice climbs. In the 
last years I made several trips in Europe and searched for the most 
beautiful regions. The most interesting places have also some of the hardest 
climbs. These are my favorite climbs so far in Europe: 

The steepest climbs  
Name, Country (region) 
1. Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy (Dolomites) 
    Very short but steep (average rise of 15% over 3 miles) 
2. Passo di Fedaia , Italy (Dolomites) 
    The last ten kilometers are extremely  steep. At the top there is a pretty 
    view on the Marmolada glacier 
3. Masca, Spain (Tenerife) 
    Extremly steep and overwhelming nature. 
4. Kirkstone Pass, England (Lake district) 
5. Rafensteiner bergstrasse, Italy (Dolomites) , too steep to climb

The special climbs  
1. Sognefjell, Norway (Jotunheimen) 
    From summer to winter: beginning at sea level and ending on a plateau 
    in a snowy world. 
2. Ovre Ahrdahl-Turtago Norway (Jotunheimen) 
3. Lysebotn, Norway (Stavanger) 
    marvellous scenery, very steep and beware of the dark 
    tunnel of 1.5 km! 
4. Tour of three passes Furka-Nufenen-Gotthard. Switzerland (Alps). 
    glaciers, in 130 km more than 3000 meter height difference. 
5. La Berarde, France (Alps) 
    Small ending road to village with overwhelming mountain world 
6. Grandes Goulets, France (Vercors) 
    Narrow roads with deep canyons 

The well known climbs  
1. Mont Ventoux, France (Provence) 
    Feels like biking on the moon.... 
2. Col de la Tourmalet,  France (Pyrenees) 
    Famous pass in the Tour de France. The pyrenees are a eldorado for 
3. Col du Galibier, France (Alps) 
4. Croix de Fer, France (Alps) 

The long climbs  
1. Col d'Iseran, France (Alps) 
    Beautiful, long and high 
2. Passo dello Stelvio, Italy (Alps) 
    Not too hard but marvelous view on the glaciers 
3. Grossglockner, Austria (Alps) 
    Typically mountain world with farming land, woods and rocks with snow 
    at the top. It is really a killer... 
4. Col de la Bonnete, France (Alps) 
    The highest paved road in France

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what is your favourite climb?

1998 Luddo Oh